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Welcome to OpenPLM Trac


OpenPLM is the first genuine product oriented open source PLM. A product oriented Product Lifecycle Management (or PLM) unifies all activities of the company in an ECM which structures data around the product. OpenPLM features a full web and user-friendly interface.

It is written in python using the Django framework, and uses proven Open Source softwares like Apache or PostgreSQL.

It is free software, mostly developped by  LinObject, and can be used, modified and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 ( GPLv3)


Here are a few screenshots

Getting Started

Check this quick introduction on OpenPLM and browse a list of features.

You can find the latest stable version in the  download section.

Don't forget to go through  OpenPLM Documentation and User Guides


You can subscribe to the differents mailing lists, join a specific communities or hang out on the  forum