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    11= Quick Introduction = 
     3From now on, for business or at home, open source solutions are recognized at the sides of proprietary solutions and constantly increase their market share. 
     4Now, these solutions (OpenOffice, Salome, KiCAD, ...) invest the area of product development tools. It is riding the tide of History. 
     5OpenPLM opens the way and offers a open and flexible solution for product data structure and management purpose for all business areas, for all business process, for all expected functions, for all applications (open source or proprietary). 
     7OpenPLM : 
     9 * is full web. 
     10 * has really user-friendly interfaces (just install plugins). 
     11 * can easily dialog with lot of open source and proprietary solutions (, Mail User Agents, project management softwares, pdf maker, collaborative tools, ERP, ...) and collect heterogeneous data. 
     12 * is based on open source module([ Linux] , [ PostgreSQL], [ Django], [ python], [ Apache], …). 
     16<h2 style="padding-left:20px">OPEN SOURCE ?</h2> 
     17<h3 style="padding-left:20px">Open source advantages :</h3> 
     18        <ul> 
     19           <li>Based on standards</li> 
     20           <li>Open Plateform(s)</li> 
     21           <li>Flexible</li> 
     22           <li>Free licence</li> 
     23        </ul> 
     24        <a href="/trac/wiki/Wiki_opensource"> What is the open source ?</a> 
     26<h2 style="padding-left:20px">PRODUCT ORIENTED PLM ?</h2> 
     27Un <a href=""> Product Lifecycle Management </a> (ou PLM) unifies all activities of the company in an ECM which structures data around the product.<br/> 
     28        <h3 style="padding-left:20px">ECM advantages :</h3> 
     29        <ul> 
     30           <li>Accelerate information exchanges</li> 
     31           <li>Reduce time necessary for development</li> 
     32           <li>Reduce information losses (one "master" document in one single place)</li> 
     33           <li>Improve process efficiency</li> 
     34           <li>Reduce misunderstandings</li> 
     35           <li>Improve quality</li> 
     36        </ul> 
     37        <a href="/trac/wiki/Wiki_ged"> What is an ECM ?</a><br/> 
     38        <h3 style="padding-left:20px">Advantages to be structured around the product :</h3> 
     39        <ul> 
     40        <li>We can find out documents more easily</li> 
     41        <li>All company activities are structured around the same frame of reference</li> 
     42        <li>Full tracability of each product, from its early development to the end of the support, is ensured</li> 
     43        <li>OpenPLM reduces develpment costs</li> 
     44        <li>OpenPLM accelerates developments (Time To Market)</li> 
     45        <li>OpenPLM improves quality</li> 
     47        </ul> 
     48        <a href="/trac/wiki/Wiki_orienteproduit"> Structured around the product ?</a>