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OpenPLM Features

Implemented features

Users features

  • Navigation / surf using links between objects
  • Parts creation and modification
  • Documents creation and modification
  • Electronic signature for objects
  • Objects revisions management
  • History safeguarding of each object
  • BOM creation and edition (Part-Part links)
  • Part-Document links creation
  • Part-User and Document-User links creation and modification (owner, signer, notified links)
  • User-User links creation and modification (rights delegation is possible)
  • Check-in / Check-out / Download of all kind of files
  • Plain text research based on the uploaded files content and metadata
  • Possibility to add some comments on Attributes page of each object
  • Import/export from/to csv file
  • New user sponsorship
  • Document thumbnails creation
  • Merge of pdf files
  • Mass files download within a compressed file
  • Surf history
  • e-mail notification
  • Visualization of 3D data using STEP standard
  • Automatic generation of Parts structure (BOM) based on STEP standard
  • Plugin for OpenOffice?
  • Plugin for GoogleDoc?
  • Plugin for Subversion
  • Plugin for FreeCAD
  • Plugin for Salome/Code?_Aster

Administrators features

  • All types under Part can be adapted following company needs
  • All types under Document can be adapted following company needs
  • Attributes of each type can be modified
  • Lifecycles and electronic signatures can be modified
  • Tracability level can be adapted
  • All functions required by the company can be adapted, modified or created
  • https

Open Source projects which have an interface with OpenPLM

Features in progress

  • Navigate ergonomy improvement
  • Lifecyles and electronic signatures improvement
  • Users management improvement
  • STEP files management improvement
  • Advanced Search
  • Manage specific users like Suppliers and Customers
  • Progress bar for the upload/download of big files
  • Upload of multi-files
  • Clone Parts and Documents
  • Plugin for OpenERP
  • Plugin for a major CAD solution
  • Ms Office interface (developed by  LinObject)

Features to be implemented

Users features

  • GUI for smartphones and pads
  • Automatic generation of pdf file based on native file (OpenOffice/LibreOffice??, Ms Office, ...)
  • Tasks modification and creation
  • Project creation and edition (Task-Task link)
  • Management of QMS (Quality Management System) process
  • More and more plugins (Kicad, Gimp , AutoCAD , SolidWorks?, ... Every suggestions are welcome !)

Administrators features

  • Decentralized and redundant storage of files
  • Get metadata and files for use of clients in autonomous mode