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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#58 Part management - Add attribute for price new enhancement major
#128 Document - Create several documents in one shot selecting several files new enhancement major
#143 Stop talking about "group" and replace it by "workspace" new enhancement major
#146 Lifecycle - Signer can discard his/her colleague approval new defect major
#185 User profile - Let user possibility to custom his e-mail notifications new enhancement major
#196 Get Documents Connected to Part via web api infoneeded_new enhancement major
#197 Get connected ECR from part/document via Web Api. new enhancement major
#203 Add a custom attribute to BOM new enhancement major
#219 need to access postgress DB from host DB new defect major
#220 Can't Download OpenPLM new task major OpenPLM-2.1
#224 Installation new defect major
#225 Post installation Problems new defect major OpenPLM-2.1
#226 Ubunt12.04 OPENPLM 2.0 new defect major
#228 Setup openPLM on local pc (Ubuntu 14.04) new task major
#230 Cannot create objects new defect major
#232 VirtualBox openplmserver4comminty login new defect major
#98 STEP files - Get a thumbnail from STEP file started pcosquer enhancement minor
#194 Problems after instalation infoneeded_new defect minor
#206 Navigate : When we "add an existing part", follow same process as in study mode new enhancement minor
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