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openPLM Forum starts officialy

Hello everybody, I'm glad opening the Forum dedicated to openPLM. Feel free to open discussion about every kind of idea you have. Thank you. Philippe

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    Great job on the new interface!

    I still owe you a Guiness. Anyhow - will look into upgrading the OpenPLM version I have (last used Jan 11, 2011). Another notes - all of the 'Communicate' link into Mailing Lists lead to "404-page not found". You might want to look into that:

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      Thank you for your feedback.

      In January 2011, we were at early stage of OpenPLM development (should be 0.3 or earlier). Now we are at 1.1 revision and I'm not sure you'll be able to upgrade your system. Anyway, please, backup your system before doing anything.

      The best could be to install a new system from scratch. See our documentation : to learn how to proceed.

      We corrected the mailing-list broken links. Thank you.

      We live in France, near Rennes and, if you have any oportunity, we are always ready for a Guiness.

      Thank you.



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