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Create button on homepage appear - SOLVED

I installed openOLM follow by this document

, and then I can login to localhost 's page but it has only 3 button on this page. There are not create button on my homepage.

What's wrong about that? Can you help me ,please.

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    You must login with the company user (login: company) not with the admin user.

    The company can sponsor (create) new users and create parts and documents.

    The admin should only change some settings via the admin interface and should not create data by using openPLM directly.



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      It's correct homepage when finish installation, or not ?

      Link of finish homepage:

      PS. Login by admin's user

      Thank you for your advise.

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        You have to edit the user's profile and check the "is_contributor" field:

        1)  http://localhost/admin/

        2) select the profile

        3) make sure that "is_contributor" is checked and save the profile.

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        Thank you so much for your help.

        Best Regard,

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