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FreeCAD plugin, no thumbnail, no utf8

Hello, I start testing openPLM(svn 1103) freecad plugins no generate thumbnail, and if I used russian Name , plugin generate ????????? name

On this occasion I had to write to you or freecad project?


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    For the moment we are working in plugin for other systems CAO, but as soon as possible we will check the plugin free-cad and will have answers to your questions.

    thanks for your collaboration

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      I am also very interested in that fix the plugin for FreeCAD 0.13 (stable version is soon to leave) I use this tool a lot, as well as SalomeMeca? and I would also love to use your project to handle the huge amount of parts and products I have. Thanks, Regards

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        I've committed a new version of the plugin which should fix encoding issues.



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