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Access right - SOLVED

I'am a super admin and i can't create a Part

error at /object/create/

[Errno 111] Connection refused
Request Method: 	POST
Request URL: 	http://localhost/object/create/
Django Version: 	1.2.3
Exception Type: 	error
Exception Value:
[Errno 111] Connection refused

Can you help me ? Thank you

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    Make sure that rabbitmq-server is running:

    root@bebop:~# service rabbitmq-server status
    Status of all running nodes...
    Node 'rabbit@bebop' with Pid 1213: running

    The command "service rabbitmq-server start" starts rabbitmq-server.

    If you get a "socket closed" error when you create a part, it means that celery can not connect to rabbitmq. In that case, you will have to check all BROKER_* settings.

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      Thank you, the rabbitmq-server was not running. But yes, i got a socket closed error.

      Ok i will check, in /var/django/openPLM/trunk/openPLM/

      BROKER_HOST = "localhost"
      BROKER_PORT = 5672
      BROKER_USER = "openplm"
      BROKER_PASSWORD = "mypassword"
      BROKER_VHOST = "openplm"

      It is this broker ? Regards

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        The "BROKER_PASSWORD" should be the same as the one set by the command " rabbitmqctl add_user openplm 'PASSWORD_VALUE' ".

        If you change it, you will have to restart celeryd (service celeryd restart) and apache (service apache2 restart).

        There are logs in /var/log/rabbitmq. For example, a wrong user output something like this:

        =ERROR REPORT==== 24-Apr-2012::17:55:26 ===
        exception on TCP connection <0.4480.0> from
                                    "login refused for user 'openplm_false'",
        =INFO REPORT==== 24-Apr-2012::17:55:26 ===
        closing TCP connection <0.4480.0> from
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          it work !!! I can create a doc or a part without error

          Thank you for your help ! :)

          This command rabbitmqctl add_user openplm 'secret' not working because rabbitmq-server was stop...

          Summary :

          1 : service rabbitmq-server start
          2 : rabbitmqctl add_user openplm 'yourpassword'
          3 : service celeryd restart
          4 : service apache2 restart
          5 : vim /var/django/openPLM/trunk/openPLM/
          6 :
          BROKER_HOST = "localhost"
          BROKER_PORT = 5672
          BROKER_USER = "openplm"
          BROKER_PASSWORD = "yourpassword"
          BROKER_VHOST = "openplm"


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