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6.6.4. webdav.webdav_handler — Handler of webdav request

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7. Documenting OpenPLM

If you want to contribute to this documentation, here are some instructions.

7.1. Tools used to write the documention

This documentation is written with Sphinx.

Here are some links about this wonderful tool and the reStructuredText language:

7.2. Compiling the documentation

  • cd docs/
  • make html or make LANGUAGE=lang html

You may also try another output format but html format is the preferred one.

7.3. Directories

The documentation is available in several languages. There is one directory per language. It duplicates some contents but it makes it possible to change screenshots and it is simple to avoid duplicated reST references by using independant directories.

The docs directory contains one directory per language (en, fr...) and a skel directory. This last directory is intended to simply add a language by copying it.

Each documentation directory contains the following files and directories:

admin                -> administrator documentation
_build               -> built files are here              -> Sphinx configuration file
devel                -> developer documentation, can be a symlink to ../en/devel
index.rst            -> documentation home page
specs                -> specifications, can be a symlink to ../en/specs
_static              -> static files
_templates           -> sphinx templates, including the one to select the language
user                 -> user documentation
whatsnew             -> documentation describing new features
and some .rst files